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Aveiro, Paiva

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ATENCIÓN: ¡el idioma utilizado en el tour es el inglés!

Considerados uno de los senderos más bonitos del mundo, los Pasadizos del Paiva vencieron las ediciones de los World Travel Awards en 2016, 2017, 2018 y 2019!

Son 8 km en una pasarela de madera, siempre al lado del río Paiva, acompañados por el sonido de sus aguas cristalinas, en el corazón del Geoparque Arouca, clasificado como sitio geológico de la UNESCO.

¡Cruze el segundo puente colgante más largo del mundo – 516 Arouca! Tiene 516 metros de largo y 175 metros de alto.

Después del sendero, es hora de un delicioso almuerzo tradicional en un restaurante típico (opciones de carne, pescado o vegetarianos disponibles).

Seguimos para Aveiro. Caminaremos por el centro de la ciudad, vamos a ver las plazas principales y los edificios de Arte Nueva.

Y, una vez en Aveiro, ¡un paseo en barco por los canales es imprescindible! Embarcará en un “moliceiro” – los barcos tradicionales de la ría – y descubrirá la ciudad a través de sus canales.

LUGAR DE RECOGIDO En centro ciudad: Calçada da Vandoma – Estátua de Vimara Peres
INICIO / FINAL 8:00 / 18:30 (aprox)
Recogida y llegada en: Calçada da Vandoma
Entradas para los Pasadizos del Paiva y Puente Arouca 516
Almuerzo tradicional
Paseo de barco en los canales de Aveiro
Transporte en minivan y grupo reducido (max 8)
Gastos personales
Propinas (opcional)
Gastos no mencionados en el programa

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Itinerario detallado

  • Recogida en el punto de encuentro: Calçada da Vandoma, justo al lado de Estátua de Vimara Peres;
  • Los Pasadizos del Paiva;
  • Puente Arouca 516;
  • Almuerzo tradicional en Arouca;
  • Paseo en barco por los canales de Aveiro y por el centro de la ciudad.

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Final del Tour

The paiva walkways
gente a caminar en los pasadizos del paiva
arouca 516 bridge
Arouca 516
las escaleras del río paiva y el río paiva
los pasadizos del paiva a lo largo del río paiva
edificios en Art Nouveau en el centro de Aveiro y los tradicionales barcos moliceiros
Aveiro canals
Aveiro tour

Opiniones de Tour

4.94 based on 801 comentarios

Fun experience, and getting to see Aveiro after going on the walkways was a nice touch!


We absolutely loved this experience. Beautiful walk in amazing scenery. Lunch was really good and I loved the green wine. Norberto was a fantastic host and guide. Friendly and funny. He knew lots about everything we did and we learnt loads. His minibus is new and very comfortable. We all chatted about our travel experiences and I was amazed at some of his stories. He really has been to some amazing places and had some extraordinary experiences. Fascinating. We really enjoyed The boat ride too.


This was a great experience. It combined a visit to a beautiful park with great walking, followed by lunch at a local restaurant, a boat ride and a walk through a town.


What a great day out. Exceeded my expectations by far…….the day just kept going. First a beautiful drive into the country then the fabulous Paivo walk at your own pace (this was an adventure on its own) 8.5km and hundreds of stairs which we worked up a hunger…Norberto took us to a great little traditional restaurant catering to everyone…..All dishes were left empty, delicious food and great green wine. Next Aviero, a boat trip, a walk a delicious sweet. And still more a drive and walk at Costa Nova. A great day out by the best host, Norberto. 5stars


Tämäpä oli kiva päiväretki. Lähtö aamusta ja paluu illalla. Mukava kävelyreitti ja sen päätteeksi mahtava lounas paikallisessa ravintolassa. Sitten vielä tutustuminen 2 eri kylään ja veneretki Avierossa. Tämä on kyllä huippu retki. Suosittelen


Norberto went above and beyond to make time to take my new husband and I on this excursion as part of our honeymoon. All of his communications leading up to the event were quick and clear. He was super punctual and really personal. He has amazing stories and a clear passion for travel which made the day even better. The mix of activities on this excursion also provides a wonderful opportunity to experience different parts/aspects of Portugal and the area around Porto – nature, food, canal boats, sea side villages and sweet treats. It is a jam packed day that I highly recommend! Thank you Norberto!


The experience with Norberto is really unique and totally worth it for visitors that want a truly memorable experience. Norberto is well traveled and understands the nuiances of planning out a day trip. He is accomodating and his experience is for any type of traveler that wants to go off the beaten path. I actually had a solo experience with Norberto and felt at home immediately. He coordinates the pickup location well and we went off to the walkways. The walk/hike is about 8km and worth visiting if you like nature. You walk along the river with beautiful views and scenary. There are exotic plants and animals (saw goats). After, we went to a small village to have lunch. If you ever want authentic portugese food on what real locals eat outside the city, go to this experience. I picked the chicken dish and it was so good. If you ever had american fried chicken…yeah it’s 100x better than that. Afterwards, we went to Aveiros to do the boat tour. It’s like a mini venice. Very beautiful and charming. The boat operator is also extremely friend and he’ll sing for you (not going to ruin the song but you will know it). We also went to costa nova where there are some beautifully designed houses with striped patterns. We walked around a bit and took some incredible photos. It was a really fun personalized trip outside the usual city tourism of urban cities. Check this experience out! The host makes all the difference. Trust me.


What a WOW!
This experience is truly like no other. From mountain to the sea, this is a must do for travelers looking to see something different then the city. You will be embraced with nature and the most beautiful countryside that I do not believe we could have fully experienced without Norberto. The lunch was a real Portuguese treat in a true picturesque village. Lastly, experiencing the magic of the sea town on a gondola ride was a uniquely special way to end the day. One caveat- for those with a weak stomach like my wife, try a little Dramamine for the morning car ride. Most will find this commute easy. As a final thought, the passion and enthusiasm of Norberto makes this day simply a beautiful tribute to Portugal.


My teen-aged daughter and I spent the day with Norberto and we had a wonderful time! Norberto is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Very easy to be with and by the end, we felt like we had made a new friend. The places we visited were also terrific—the hike in the mountains was beautiful, the traditional Portugease lunch delicious, and exploring the fishing village of Aviera was a nice contrast to the morning and good way to end the day. I would recommend this trip, or any trip, with Norberto!


“morgens romantisches Treppensteigen, nachmittags entspannte Bootsfahrt”
Die guten 8 km Wanderung entlang des Holzpfads sind abwechslungsreich und romantisch, aber auch anspruchsvoll: es geht hundertfach Treppen hoch und runter und während der meisten Zeit gibt es kaum Schatten. Die Tour hat uns gut gefallen und ca. ein Drittel der Tour wurden wir von unserem Guide Norberto von Enne Tours begleitet. Norberto fährt einen sauberen Van, er war uns sehr sympatisch, er ist sehr freundlich und erzählt viel über Land und Leute. Mittagessen war landestypisch (Fleisch mit Gemüse) und wurde inkl. Getränke und Kaffee serviert.
Aveiro hat einen alten Teil mit schönen kleinen Fischerhäuschen und Salinen (man kann überall im Ort das Salz kaufen) und einen modernen Bezirk. Mit einem traditionellen Holzboot geht’s entlang des Kanals und man sieht beide Teile. Danach waren wir noch am Meer in Vila Nova mit wunderschönen gestreiften Holzhäusern. Der Tag war abwechslungsreich und hat uns gut gefallen.


This experience with Norberto was absolutely amazing! There was no better way to spend my Sunday here in Porto- exploring nature and different places, meeting wonderful people, and learning about many different things. The entire experience was definitely worth it and I would do it again if I were to go back. The Paiva walkways is a must-do! Having Norberto walk us through the first «rough» part went a long way in boosting our morale. Lunch was delicious and well-deserved at a restaurant in a lovely little town. Going through the Aveiro canals was even more relaxing after the 8.30km walk, and Costa Nova was the perfect way to end the tour. I honestly did not want it to end. Norberto is passionate, supportive and totally awesome. He kept our little group motivated throughout the day and we learnt a lot about him, Portuguese culture and history. Needless to say that there was no dull moment with him. I highly recommend this tour and Noberto!


My wife and I have used tour guides in the past, although I appreciate putting together events on my own. However, I am overwhelmingly pleased with our experience with Norberto taking us to the walkways, Aviero, and surrounding areas. Our lunch in the small town nearby was amazing, and the cities we visited on the tour were exactly what we were looking for when we wanted to experience Portugal. While the tour itself was great, what made this tour perfect was Norberto and his passion for what does. My wife and I learned so much about Portugal, the people, history and awesome cuisine. But we also learned so much about Norberto, his own history, his family, and it all fit in so nicely with what we were learning about Portugal and its culture. He kept us engaged throughout the trip while on the road between stops, and this is what I found to be the most exciting and satisfying part of the trip. In another life, had we been born and raised in Portugal, I believe Norberto would have been counted amongst my few close friends, and am truly sad to have to leave him behind. A word of warning, the road to and from the walkways can put you ill from the car ride, but Norberto was very accommodating and offered several stops and other ways of addressing any carsickness…please do not let this stop you from experiencing this great tour. There will be the world’s highest suspension bridge added to the tour soon, and that my friends, is something worth making the trip out. Lastly, our trip was plagued by a tropical depression and lots of rain/wind, but Norberto was not only supportive and understanding with our concerns, he actively kept us updated throughout the tour and leading up to it, and felt confident that we would have a great time, which we did! Thanks again Norberto…if you’re ever in the US, please message us and we hope to return the favor one day! Abrigado!!

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