Was born in Germany, in Bavaria. She grew up together with six other siblings, in a shielded and tender family, which positively shaped her character. She worked in a hospital for eight years as a nurse.

Her passion for Africa led Katharina to Kenya in 2014 to be a Volunteer for four months in a orphanage, in Mombasa. Since then, she became more curious about people and they’re way of life. The travel spirit came along. She visited countries such England, Portugal, Hungary, Slovakia and Austria, and… it wasn’t enough.  She couldn`t stay that long at home and decide to leave everything behind and go for a long journey. From Germany to Poland, Lithuania and Moscow, where she took the Trans-Siberian Train. And so she went with her backpack across Asia throughout Mongolia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia and Thailand.

With all the experiences lived collected in different countries, she found a reason to do something completely different: a travel agency with her life partner in Portugal.