The second Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge in the World!
Paiva longest suspension bridge in the world

The second longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world – the Arouca 516!

Open to public since May 2021!

The Arouca City Council Office claims the Arouca 516 is the second LONGEST PEDESTRIAN SUSPENSION BRIDGE IN THE WHOLE WORLD!

Normal tickets to cross the bridge cost 12€ per person and can be bought only online.

Notice: tickets are very limited and there’s only 7 crossing times during the day: at 8:30am, 10am, 11:30, 2pm, 3:30pm; 5pm and 6:30pm. And every entrance is limited up to 50 people! ( total  of450 people per day)

Just plan it way beforehand!

The brand new Paiva Walkways Footbridge spans 516m-long (1,692ft) across the valley passing just right above the waterfall. We are very happy to announce that we`ll have another great attraction to be part of our amazing tour! Will you dare? 🙂

The construction started in 2018 and the structure was assembled by a team of mountain climbers.

The inauguration was delayed because of Covid-19 (was supposed to be inaugurated by the end of October 2020) and it end up open to public only in May 2021.

photo: @ennetours

photo: @ennetours

The walking deck is 1,20m (3ft) wide and hangs 175m (576ft) above the Paiva River!

It costed around 2 million euros and, besides trying to attract and pump up the name of the Arouca Geopark and the Paiva Walkways – bringing more visitors and helping the small businesses of this countryside rural area – the suspension bridge its gonna connect some of the long and short distance hiking trails already existing at the Freita mountains.

Ready for the challenge? Paiva walkways bridgephoto: @ennetours

Paiva walkways bridgephoto: @ennetours

Paiva walkways bridgephoto: @ennetours

Fear of heights? Vertigo? Dizziness? No worries!

Crossing the bridge its gonna be optional. You can choose to do only the Paiva Walkways trail and then visit Aveiro in the afternoon.

This tour is our best seller and, so far, we have 4,99 stars based on reviews! 

Check it out: Aveiro and Paiva Walkways Tour. All-inclusive!


For a better understanding of the bridge project, just watch the video promoted by Arouca council office:

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