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We are the Northern experts! ENNETOURS was born out of a passion for travel and its mission is to encourage and promote interaction between people and cultures.

We want to make the difference by the quality of the service provided and the range of different tourist products to offer. With a relaxed and warmth attitude, we want to introduce you to the traditions, landscape, architectural and heritage diversity, gastronomy and wines, monuments, the history and the hospitality of our people. To do so, we have created products – the tourist tours – that were designed to give you a great cultural experience.

If you are thinking about Porto, Douro Valley, Aveiro, Braga, Guimarães, Coimbra, Paiva Walkways, Fátima, on the Vinho Verde region or a customized tour, think about us for northern local experience!

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Unique experiences!

What a WOW!!

This experience is truly like no other. From mountain to the sea, this is a must do for travelers looking to see something different then the city. You will be embraced with nature and the most beautiful countryside that I do not believe we could have fully experienced without Norberto. The lunch was a real Portuguese treat in a true picturesque village. Lastly, experiencing the magic of the sea town on a gondola ride was a uniquely special way to end the day. One caveat- for those with a weak stomach like my wife, try a little Dramamine for the morning car ride. Most will find this commute easy. As a final thought, the passion and enthusiasm of Norberto makes this day simply a beautiful tribute to Portugal.
Steve and Pam, USA

Iconic Places

3 days touring Braga and Guimaraes, Douro Valley and Porto!

Norberto was wonderful as a guide . He was above and beyond . We learned so much about the history And culture of Portugal..His knowledge of the area enriched our trip And made our trip so much more memorable. I would highly recommend Norberto as a guide. Five Stars !!!

Anne Reid, Canada

Great value!

Amazing tours from Porto!

Our group of 5 people from Canada booked with Norberto for transport and tours for several days while in Portugal and I feel he made my trip to Portugal! I can’t express enough how enjoyable and relaxed our holiday was with him. We met him in Coimbra where he provided a walking tour for us and transported us to our accommodation in Porto. He provided us with very personalized tours of all we wanted to see for the next 3 days including a hike, a cave tour, Port wine tours and tastings and the beautiful Douro Valley, taking us to the most beautiful spots in the valley in the most comfortable and efficient way. He also added some unforgettable gems to the itinerary once he had a chance to know our group and I am so grateful! I feel like we saw so much for a very reasonable cost, including places that I hadn’t even read about! Every detail was taken care of and all went off without a hitch! Even with all of the arrangements, Norberto was always pleasant, relaxed and so personable despite some very long days with our group. His passion for his country and the personal touches he added made me fall in love with this area of Portugal. Saying goodbye to Norberto at the end was like saying goodbye to a friend. We were so impressed that we have already begun planning our next adventure with his amazing family run, local company!
THANK YOU Norberto!
Janice R., Canada

Local Knowledge

Wonderful day!

My teen-aged daughter and I spent the day with Norberto and we had a wonderful time! Norberto is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Very easy to be with and by the end, we felt like we had made a new friend. The places we visited were also terrific—the hike in the mountains was beautiful, the traditional Portugease lunch delicious, and exploring the fishing village of Aviera was a nice contrast to the morning and good way to end the day. I would recommend this trip, or any trip, with Norberto!

G. Herrington, USA

Passionate Guide!

Magical Douro Valley Tour!
We, four in a family, did the “Douro Valley Tour” with Ennetours and were guided by Norberto who is also the owner of the tour company. First off from the price to value perspective, there is nothing out there that gives you the value that this tour gives you. In Norberto, we not only found a efficient and knowledgeable guide but also a friend who goes above and beyond to make memories for you and make you happy.
Norberto has a beautiful and comfortable van which made our travel very smooth. All through the tour, Norberto kept us engaged with wonderful facts and stories of the area.
We first were taken to the beautiful town of Amarante, we toured the beautiful narrow streets, the cathedral and the surrounding area.
If I had to describe how paradise looks like, Douro valley would probably be something that would come to my mind. The lush green vineyards on the valley with the beautiful Douro river flowing through it is something that gets permanently etched in our mind. We were taken to the best spots and views to get some of the most awesome pictures we have ever taken.
We were then taken to a non-touristy restaurant, very well known to locals, where we had the best Portuguese meal in Portugal. It as sort of fine dining. I had the wood oven roasted lamb which just melted in my mouth while rest of the family’s dishes of Veal and Bacalao Braga was awesome. The meal came with delicious bread, appetizers and wine. Note that this was all included in the tour (WOW).
Next we went for wine tasting with also a tour of the winery called “Quinta do Tedo”. The wines were amazing and the person showing u was extremely humorous. Th view from there was to die for.
Lastly we went to the small own of Pinhao where we were given the historical railway station and the ties decorated on it.
I highly recommend this tour to everyone, we thank Norberto for the wonderful experience and will always remember you as the best tour guide (and a friend) we ever had.
Leslie Q, USA

Traditional food!

Norberto was an excellent guide for the day!

We were picked up promptly from our lodging location. We started with the Paiva Walkways portion of the day and Norberto climbed the stairs to the top with us, giving us information on the area and offering moral support for the hundreds of stairs. The scenery was gorgeous with lots of photo opportunities. Lunch was a highlight of the day. The traditional Portuguese cuisine was delicious; and the local wine was a hit (so much so, that we took about 10 bottles home). The rest of the day was wonderful as well, as we enjoyed a boat ride around Aveiro and a stop in Costa Nova. I would recommend this tour to any outdoors enthusiast.

Shannon S., London, UK