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+/- 9 Horas

Visita a duas Quintas com provas de Vinho do Porto, passeio de barco e miradouros incríveis!

Depois do pick up no seu hotel no Porto, irá desfrutar do primeiro contacto com o Vale do Douro desde o miradouro mais impressionante em toda a região do Douro!

Vai sentir toda a essência do Vale do Douro na nossa primeira vinícola. É uma adega familiar, tradicional e autêntica, onde ainda produzem Vinhos do Porto utilizando as técnicas ancestrais.

Irei sugerir um restaurante tradicional. As vistas e a comida são incríveis e será outro ponto alto do seu dia.

Tempo de conhecer o Pinhão, a famosa vila que é a considerada como o coração do Vale do Douro. Vai relaxar num passeio de barco rabelo de uma hora.

Descubra uma das mais bem localizadas adegas no coração do Douro! Vai ficar deslumbrado com as vistas impressionantes sobre o rio e sobre o vale enquanto degusta vinhos do Porto Premium!

PICK UP/DROP OFF No seu hotel ou alojamento
INÍCIO / FIM 09:00 / 18:00 (aprox)
Pick up/drop off no seu hotel

Transporte privado e guia profissional

Visita a duas Quintas com provas de vinhos

Visita à Vila do Pinhão e passeio de barco de 1h

Miradouros incríveis

Despesas pessoais

Todos os serviços não mencionadas no programa


Itinerário do Tour

Saída do Porto em direcção ao Vale do Douro.

– Primeira paragem no melhor miradouro da região;

Visita a uma Quinta familiar com provas incluídas;

– Tempo para o Almoço;

– Visita à vila do Pinhão e passeio de barco;

– Visita a uma extremamente bem localizada, incluindo provas.

Regresso ao seu hotel ou acomodação em Porto.


Fim do Tour

miradouro de sao leonardo da galafura sobre o vale do douro
Galafura viewpoint
Wine Cellars at Douro Valley
Wine Cellars at Douro Valley
wine making at douro Valley
Local winery at Douro Valley
Tasting room at a Douro Winery
vw caravelle em tour no douro
cruzeiro no rio douro
local food at douro Valley
Pinhao - ponte de ferro sobre o rio douro

Tour Comentários

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Norberto is a tour guide wizard. He dealt with all of our delays (wine country is tough to get through quickly or on time). He altered arrangements on the fly to get us to the next event and adapted to our groups flow. He picked excellent places. Norberto is so good at sensing how a group wants to move about and adapting his plan to that. And why is this? For example, he has knowledge on everything we saw but he is very aware of when his clients want to talk more or when to move on. Fun fact, the Best.


Norberto was even better than we could have hoped for! He was always responsive, making sure we were engaged and having a good time, dealing with things that came up, and having an extensive knowledge of all things Porto and Portugal. The best part of all is he is really funny and awesome to spend time with. We enjoyed our 5 days with him immensely and can’t wait to do it again!


Norberto seemed like and old friend right away. Very flexible and accommodating with our requests. He had a great knowledge of the area and shared wonderful life stories. If thinking about booking a tour around Porto, you will be very pleased with Norberto!


Norberto was fantastic!
My group of friends had a private day tour to Douro Valley and absolutely loved it and him! He was very professional, nice and easy to get along with. It was so nice to see a few small towns/wineries on the tour as well to get a feel of the area and people. The itinerary he put together worked perfectly for us and i highly recommend working with him. We included him in the boat tour and lunch – just shows how much we got along! Go book with him, you wont be disappointed! THANK U


Exceptional tours with a passionate guide!

So pleased we chose Ennetours to explore Northern Portugal. There were many emails prior to our trip, and Norberto was very patient with our planning, offering helpful suggestions. Our itinerary included a tour of Porto, Avieo and Paiva Walkways, the Green Wine Tour, and The Duoro Valley Tour.
Norberto is a thoughtful and knowledgeable guide, and with each tour, he shared his passion for the history , food and culture of his country in a friendly and relaxed way. At all times, he ensured we were happy and enjoying ourselves, and we will always hold fond memories of our time together.
We highly recommend Ennetours, and we wish Norberto and his family continued success and happiness for the future.

Leila and Jim.


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