1. About the Tours

Not always. In some cases, the visit is optional. In some places, there are local guides to show you around. In any case, you will always be informed in advance about it.

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the cars. However, during the tours you`ll have comfortable stops and time to smoke.

Yes. Upon request. And you won`t pay more for it.

Yes, there is. Children up to 4 years old do not pay. From 4 years old up to 12 years old pay 50%.

It means the costumer it will be picked-up and dropped-off at his hotel or address in Porto or V. N. de Gaia (city center).

Lunch is included in most of the full day tours. If not, it will be mentioned in the description of the tour. Bottled mineral water will always be available during the tour time.

Yes. Our vehicles are equipped with Wi-Fi network and the access is free. You will be able to publish your favorite photos during the trip or being in touch with your loved ones.

Anytime throughout the year (excluding the 25th of December and 1st of January).

Full day tours last between 8 and 10 hours. There may be some delays or setbacks, but, in general, it will be around that time.

Yes. We are fully insured (which is mandatory by law), including:

– Liability insurance;

– Travel Insurance;

– Personal Accident Insurance.

It`s everything mentioned in the tour description. In general, pick-up/drop-off at your hotel, toll and diesel fees, driver/tour guide, lunch, tickets to specified monuments or events and a bottle of water during your tour.

A tour is a brief trip – it can be a half-day or a full day trip – to a place, a monument or a site, that includes transportation and driver/tour guide. The purpose of the tour is to let you know about the culture, geography, history and gastronomy of a region or about a specific local and to an unforgettable experience.

The ennetours company stands out for creativity and innovation about the service to offer to all those who want to visit Portugal. With a young and highly motivated team, we want to offer a tourist product of excellence, thinking about the need and expectation of all our visitors.

In what it concerns to the personal relationship with our clients, we are guided by values such as good practices, education, seriousness, trust, empathy, communication, dedication, professionalism and gratitude.

2. Private Tours

In the private tour we have the exclusivity of the vehicle, the guide and you are also able to decide how the tour will be. In the ordinary tour, sharing the car with other people and nationalities is likely to happen.

A private tour is an exclusive service. You have the exclusivity of the vehicle and you can decide where to go, when and what time.

3. Tailor-Made Tours

Of course you can. We offer tailor-made service so you can draw or plan your own tour, set your specifications, places to visit, route, whatsoever. Let us know. We make it happen

4. Transfer-Shuttle Service

No problem. The Transfers Service is available 24/7. Whatever your departure/arrival flight time is, just let us know where and exactly when and we`ll be waiting for you at the lobby of your hotel or at Porto airport.

The Transfer-Shuttle Service is a comfortable and personalized option that our guests have to be welcomed at Porto airport and transported to the hotel. Or the other way round, from the hotel to the airport.

5. Before I book

Yes, you can and you should. When booking your tour you should mention which alternative you want so that, in advance, we can organize your special requests.

Of course you can. Just let us know. There are special prices for groups.

The vehicles were chosen to perform and to provide you a pleasant and relaxing tour. Our high level quality, safety and comfortable vans match the standards of ennetours services.

In case there are two or more different nationalities on the tour, English will be the language used to communicate among all of us. Portuguese, Spanish, French or German will be the other possibilities; however, these last two options will need to be requested beforehand.

We only do small groups. The limit is 8 people per tour. However, don`t worry much, the number is rarely reached.

It might happen. Different people may book the same tour for the same day as you. And this sounds great. Besides the environmental advantages, you will have the opportunity to meet someone from another culture and make your day even more extraordinary.

6. Before I go

Appropriate clothing and footwear should be as comfortable as possible. For visits between November and March, you should wear clothing and shoes suitable for cold weather (between 0º and 10ºC). For the months of April to October, get ready for warmer weather (it can goes up to 40º C), but, just in case, always add a comfortable sweater to your luggage.

With regard to footwear, it should be as comfortable as possible and suitable for walking. All tours involve some walking, so proper footwear is recommended.

For more information about the weather in Portugal, please visit www.meteo.pt

Two luggages per passenger are allowed within normal common-sense measures.

Registration on the website is required for reservation and communication purposes between ennetours and you, the client. However, we have a very restricted Privacy Policy. Check our Privacy Policy for more accurate info.

For certain countries, yes, a visa is required. You should get this information before your trip in the official services of your country.

European citizens who are members of the Schengen Area Convention only need an ID card. To all others, it is necessary to use the passport as a official document.

The transfer service is included only in the Package Tours. Package Tours includes not only the transfers but also the hotel and the chosen tours. However, you have always the option to request our transfer service on the website.

7. Reservations and Payments

Of course you can. There`s only two aspects that you should be aware of: checking availability for the new tour date and if the initial tour value is the same.

You have several options: the most common and easiest way is through our website using the normal form and paying with Credit Card. We have a safe and secure partnership with FareHarbour to do so.

You can also pay by Bank Transfer (we will provide the details upon request)

Using one of the most safe online payment system: by PayPal.

In cash, upon arrival, or using our mobile Credit Card Payment Terminal (which accepts most of the credit or debit cards). For these last two options, you`ll need to provide us the flight number as a travel confirmation.

The best and easiest way to reserve a tour is through the website tour pages. You just need to fill in the form, introduce your credit card details and confirm payment. It can also be reserved by e-mail and paid locally. For this option, sending us your flight reservation is mandatory. The cash option is available only with a flight reservation.

The deadline is until 6pm of the previous day before the tour starts. However, we advise that booking should be made in advance for both logistical and availability reasons.

8. Cancellation Policy

Customers will receive a full refund or credit with 48 hours notice of cancellation. Customers will also receive a full refund or credit in case of operator cancellation due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Contact us by phone to cancel or inquire about a cancellation.

No-shows will be charged the full price.

If there is place for a refund, it will be done in a maximum of 20 business days after the cancellation request date.

The service can be canceled by email to info@ennetours.com or by phone +351 91 73 73 111. In both cases, you must refer the date and the tour reference.

9. Feedback

We appreciate it. You can do it through the following means: Trip Advisor, Facebook, Instagram and at www.ennetours.com.

Thank you!

In our website there is a space dedicated to our client’s reviews. The same happens on our social pages such Trip Advisor, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You can, and you should, have a look to the other customer’s opinions.