Passionate about people, cultures and gastronomy!

I was born in the beautiful town of Amarante (the heart of the Green Wine region) and I am a inveterate traveler. I have been in more than 50 countries so far. I crossed the African continent overland, all the way down on a 4×4, from Morocco to South Africa and have made the longest train journey in the world! I jumped in on a train in Porto, crossed Europe, Siberia, Mongolia, China and arrived in Ho Chi Minh, in Vietnam, where the railway finished. But I did not stop there. I continued traveling through Cambodia, Lao, Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia!

I have done volunteer work in Bamako, Mali, with street children, in Uganda, with HIV children, and in Mombasa, Kenya, in an orphanage. I’m the author of the book called “Africa nos Sentidos”, where I write about the travel adventures and state about the ins and outs of volunteering!

So, I’m someone passionate about people, cultures and gastronomy! And as I love the history, the food and the culture of my own country, being a tourist guide couldn’t be more prefect!

Therefore, with a relaxed, friendly and warmth attitude, I want to introduce to you the traditions, the landscape, the architectural and heritage diversity, gastronomy and wines, monuments, the history and the hospitality of our people.

Feel yourself invited!