6 Stunning viewpoints in Douro Valley

Here they are: some of the most beautiful viewpoints in Douro Valley

Along the Douro Valley it is common to find some amazing viewpoints. The shape of the Valley is very rich due to its own geography, so, just by driving in the area, you are keen to find stunning viewpoints.  Here it is some of the best viewpoints at Douro Region that you can find along the roads. These are some of our favorite ones – which some are part of our tour – although, there`s plenty of them in Douro area. Discover it. Enjoy.

6 Viewpoint of São Silvestre 


Location: Nearby Mesão Frio, Roads: N108/M518-1

GPS:  41°08’58.N  7°54’05W


5 Viewpoint of Cruz de Ventozelo


Location: Nearby São João da Pesqueira; Road: N222

GPS: 41°10’21.9″N 7°30’30.2″W


4  Viewpoint of São Salvador do Mundo


Location: Nearby São João da Pesqueira; Road: CM1121

GPS: 41°09’09.1″N 7°22’01.1″W


3 Viewpoint of Alto de Vargelas


Location: Nearby São João da Pesqueira; Road: M541

GPS: 41°08’08.8″N 7°19’23.7″W


Viewpoint of Casal de Loivos

Location: Rua Praça de Oliveira, 1; Casal de Loivos – Pinhão

GPS: 41°19’86.47″N 7°53’17.40″W


1  Viewpoint of São Leonardo da Galafura

Location: In Galafura, Road N313-1

GPS: 41°10’22.4″N 7°40’19.6″W


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Hello and thank You for an inspiration. I´ve visited the douro region recently and it was simply amazing and I was surprised, that sucha silent and rural places are still visiting in Europe. On top of it Your post helped me find amazing places andenjoy to maximum. Thank You!

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